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A bit overdue!

I realized that the last post I made was on July 8th. Crazy times here in the Brown house-we are busy people.
I finished up week 4 fairly strong, except for feeling like I was running through molasses on the Friday 3 miler. I checked with some folks online, and confirmed that this was normal. I also realized that I started this plan a week early! oops. When I was planning my spreadsheet (because I’m a nerd like that) I somehow left out an entire week in August. So I just decided to do two rounds of week 5. My paces have been within the easy paces prescribed in the books, and overall I feel pretty good. Tired, but good.
I finished up round one of week 5 on Sunday. This week didn’t go quite as well as I would have liked. I missed the run on Monday, and only managed 2.5/5 mi. on Tuesday. But a rest day on Wednesday made everything better, and the rest of the week went really well.
Round two of week 5 started today–with an easy 4 miler. It was dark, and I was not feeling it (lots of drama that I won’t go into here), and it’s the first time my pace has dipped below the 11:30 mark. Going to try to get more sleep tonight and hope that the rest of the week is strong, because next week is when the real training begins. I admit that I am nervous. Less than 100 days to go…


And it’s begun…

Not only am I new to the blogging thing, I obviously have problems updating it frequently. But I moved my computer (part of the annual move-the-schoolroom-around fest), and hopefully the proximity will assist me in writing more often. (This post was actually written on June 23. I just didn’t publish it…I guess.)

Marathon training has begun, as has the craziness of pulling together the curricula for both boys for the next school year, which begins July 7. I’m only going to talk about the running though, as I’m not finished with the other crazy.

My intention was to run every day up until the actual training began–which didn’t happen. I did get in a trial speedwork session, which 😦 I thought I had done terribly, but apparently I can’t read my Garmin correctly at 6 am, and when I went back and looked at my stats, I realized that I was running the intervals WAY too fast–about 30 seconds too fast! No wonder I thought I was dying out there, and had no hope of finishing the workout. This I will fix.

The plan began on June 19 with an easy 3 miler. Easy is supposed to be either 11:43 (aerobic B) or 12:33 (aerobic A). I decided to run at around 2 in the afternoon–after all, it’s “only” 3 miles, right? At hot, humid, sunny 3 miles.  Bad idea. Almost passing out from the heat at 2.5 miles is not ideal.

The first week called for Friday the 20th to be off. Good thing, as I had to drive to Atlanta and back to pick up kid 1 from camp. 6 hours in the car makes for a very stiff mama. Saturday called for an easy 3 miler as well. I had to leave by 8 to pick up kid 2 from his camp, so I elected to run later in the day–at the Y. Sunday’s run-an easy 4 miler- was also done at the Y.

The goal with this training is to get the runs in. I have a Y membership, so weather is not really an excuse for me.

I’m having trouble keeping the easy paces easy. I have run all my runs too fast, but I know that my pace will decrease as I add the SOS workouts in a few weeks, so I’m going to try to slow down but not get too obsessive about it.

Tomorrow is an “off” day, so I’m going to try to fit in some yoga somewhere in the rest of the craziness. This plan starts the week on Mondays, so tomorrow officially begins week 2 of 18! 🙂