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A bit overdue!

I realized that the last post I made was on July 8th. Crazy times here in the Brown house-we are busy people.
I finished up week 4 fairly strong, except for feeling like I was running through molasses on the Friday 3 miler. I checked with some folks online, and confirmed that this was normal. I also realized that I started this plan a week early! oops. When I was planning my spreadsheet (because I’m a nerd like that) I somehow left out an entire week in August. So I just decided to do two rounds of week 5. My paces have been within the easy paces prescribed in the books, and overall I feel pretty good. Tired, but good.
I finished up round one of week 5 on Sunday. This week didn’t go quite as well as I would have liked. I missed the run on Monday, and only managed 2.5/5 mi. on Tuesday. But a rest day on Wednesday made everything better, and the rest of the week went really well.
Round two of week 5 started today–with an easy 4 miler. It was dark, and I was not feeling it (lots of drama that I won’t go into here), and it’s the first time my pace has dipped below the 11:30 mark. Going to try to get more sleep tonight and hope that the rest of the week is strong, because next week is when the real training begins. I admit that I am nervous. Less than 100 days to go…