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Not dead yet!

So week three is in the books, and I’m into week 4. So far I feel pretty good. A bit tired, but that’s to be expected. My paces are slowing down, but are still a bit above where they are supposed to be for these “easy” runs. I’ve finally decided that I will allow myself one scheduled treadmill run on Sunday afternoon, as that will allow me to sleep in a bit and spend some time with my super supportive spouse! I’ve also switched my long runs to Saturday instead of Sunday, so that I can spend some of those long runs with friends. Friends are good.

Week three was the first week that I ran 6 days, but due to my laziness the week before, I only had 5 days in a row. That will work out the same for this week as well, just due to the schedule being off because of the Red, White, and Blue shoes 5k on July 4th. After that I will be on track with 6 days in a row of running.

THE RWBS 5k was fun! I took my off day on Thursday, and so ran the race with relatively “fresh” legs, although I was still tired. I started out WAY too fast, and paid for it by mile 2. I thought I had eked out a PR, but when I looked at my time from last year, I see that I was only one second faster. That was with walking twice. 😦 Not much to be said there, as I didn’t train for a faster 5k, so I got what was coming to me. Still under 30 minutes, which 3 years ago seemed like an impossible dream. It was great to go and see my wonderful running friends crush their previous times–and it was a gorgeous day on top of that.

I just spent some time looking at my past data on my Garmin, and honestly, I am surprised that I’ve done as well as I have and have been as injury-free as I have, given the amount of running that I have done. I haven’t done nearly enough running in the past to do the types of races that I have been doing. I am interested and somewhat excited to see what happens with this plan!

I have an off day tomorrow, and I’m going to enjoy it. This week and next week are the last two “easy” weeks in the plan-after that, it starts getting real. Looking at my “A” goal-it’s going to be a stretch, but there’s no reason not to go for it. I am at the “B” goal pace right now, without trying very hard, so I am going to work at this. Time will tell, all I can do is put in the work!


Week two-in the books!

Still figuring out how this stuff works. Blogging, that is. I’m going to shoot for at least once a week.

I am no longer running most my easy runs too fast. Ha! There’s a reason that those runs are supposed to be slow–because that’s all you can do! I have never been an everyday runner, and I’m beginning to feel it. I have to say that I’m thankful for the 5 week build up-I’m going to need it all, I think.

I missed two runs this week due to illness, but made up the mileage. With this plan, that’s not how you’re supposed to go about doing it, so I need to work on that.

Instead of an easy 2 miles on Tuesday, followed by easy 3 miles on Thursday and Friday, I ended up doing a fast 5 miles (on the treadmill) on Thursday and an easy (kind of) long run of 8 miles with friends on Saturday. That run on Saturday was supposed to be a 3 miler, but I was playing catch-up…I did follow that with an easy 4 miles on Sunday morning, so I’m getting better. I started off week three (the first 6 day week) with the planned 4 miler this morning, and am shooting to make all of them. I’m also going to go ahead and move the long runs to Saturday, with an easy run on Sunday (just flip-flopping on the schedule). That way I may be able to see some of my running friends this summer as they train for their respective marathons!

This week will be a bit out of order, as I am running a race on the 4th–a 5k. I am going to give it my best, but I’m not sure I can beat my time from last year. We’ll see. This year I’m going to try a mile warm up before the race and see if it helps, as lately my first mile has been and felt terrible.

Goals for the week are to do my runs outside barring storms–which means I have to get my butt out of bed in the mornings. School starts for me and the boys on July 7, so I need to get my routine better established! Gotta get more acclimated to the humidity. Also need to get my head in the game more-I’ve been struggling with the mental game these days…3 more “easy” weeks, then the real fun begins!

And it’s begun…

Not only am I new to the blogging thing, I obviously have problems updating it frequently. But I moved my computer (part of the annual move-the-schoolroom-around fest), and hopefully the proximity will assist me in writing more often. (This post was actually written on June 23. I just didn’t publish it…I guess.)

Marathon training has begun, as has the craziness of pulling together the curricula for both boys for the next school year, which begins July 7. I’m only going to talk about the running though, as I’m not finished with the other crazy.

My intention was to run every day up until the actual training began–which didn’t happen. I did get in a trial speedwork session, which 😦 I thought I had done terribly, but apparently I can’t read my Garmin correctly at 6 am, and when I went back and looked at my stats, I realized that I was running the intervals WAY too fast–about 30 seconds too fast! No wonder I thought I was dying out there, and had no hope of finishing the workout. This I will fix.

The plan began on June 19 with an easy 3 miler. Easy is supposed to be either 11:43 (aerobic B) or 12:33 (aerobic A). I decided to run at around 2 in the afternoon–after all, it’s “only” 3 miles, right? At hot, humid, sunny 3 miles.  Bad idea. Almost passing out from the heat at 2.5 miles is not ideal.

The first week called for Friday the 20th to be off. Good thing, as I had to drive to Atlanta and back to pick up kid 1 from camp. 6 hours in the car makes for a very stiff mama. Saturday called for an easy 3 miler as well. I had to leave by 8 to pick up kid 2 from his camp, so I elected to run later in the day–at the Y. Sunday’s run-an easy 4 miler- was also done at the Y.

The goal with this training is to get the runs in. I have a Y membership, so weather is not really an excuse for me.

I’m having trouble keeping the easy paces easy. I have run all my runs too fast, but I know that my pace will decrease as I add the SOS workouts in a few weeks, so I’m going to try to slow down but not get too obsessive about it.

Tomorrow is an “off” day, so I’m going to try to fit in some yoga somewhere in the rest of the craziness. This plan starts the week on Mondays, so tomorrow officially begins week 2 of 18! 🙂

Marathon pre-training…

I’m new to this blogging thing–late bloomer, as I am in many area of my life. So while this blog is about our groovy life, it will be heavily weighted towards my two main activities: running and homeschooling. Marathon training is near, and that’s where I’m starting.

I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon again this year-the last Sunday in October.  This will be my third marathon, and I’ve decided to actually follow a plan this time. Novel idea for me, as following the rules and I have never gotten along well.

I chose the Hansons marathon plan-mostly because it’s really challenging and it intrigues me. 6 days off running a week. Long runs top out at 16 miles. Scary departure from the traditional. Perfect!

Actual training begins June 19. I chose the beginner plan, mostly because the advanced scared me even more! The beginner plan has 5 weeks of “base building” running. Easy short runs-mostly to get you used to running 5 days a week to start. Things get serious in week 5.

I decided to go ahead and get started with some of the aspects of the plan to get me used to what is coming. My goal time is ambitious–maybe too much so, but it’s too early to tell yet.

The plan calls for tempo runs that are done at marathon goal pace. They also call for a one to two mile warm up and cool down run before all of the workouts. So today I decided to try a short tempo run with a one mile warm up and one mile cool down (something I don’t normally do). I had time for 4 miles, so two miles were to be done at marathon pace. *gulp*

This run was hard. There, I said it. I looked back over my Garmin data from the past few months and realized that I have been a lazy, lazy girl. While running for fun has been great, I have let my pace slip a good bit. I have done some treadmill running that has been faster, but that’s not logged anywhere, and oddly enough, I’m faster on the ‘mill than on the street. Hills.

I ran my warm up mile too fast. Common enough issue with me. I hit the next two miles just under the marathon goal pace of 10:30, but it was not a comfortable feeling. Gotta keep pushing the comfort level. The cool down mile was more in line with where it was supposed to be. I think. There are quite a few paces to keep track of with this program, which makes me a bit buggy. There’s the Recovery pace (I’m assuming for in between intervals on speedwork and strength workouts), Aerobic A/Easy, Aerobic B/easy, Moderate Aerobic/Long run, Strength, marathon… I’m not entirely sure which one of those are to be used as a warm-up/cool down pace. For this goal pace, Recovery is about 13:21, A is 12:33, B is 11:43, Long is 11:19, and Strength is 10:20. So I guess maybe my warm up and cool down were too fast as well. Hmmm…maybe that’s why the run felt so hard? lol. I can take that. Obviously, I have some work to do.


Mile 1: 10:57

Mile 2: 10:24

Mile 3: 10:28

Mile 4: 11:10

Next up is an easy run tomorrow. Going to go ahead and get used to running almost every day.