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Moving on to the big stuff…

I finished out week 5 (part 2) fairly strong. Flat out exhausted by Saturday, but that was in part due to some interrupted sleep earlier in the week, and early to bed on Saturday night cured it. I’m such a party animal these days.

I’m still running my easy runs too fast overall–actually closer to my Long run pace. That’s catching up with me, fatigue-wise. I was a bit short on the mileage for this week-I ran 2.87 on Wednesday (the off day) to support Super David on his surgery day. No sleep on Wednesday night (or only about 3 hours) resulted in a rest day on Thursday.
Totally fine with that!

Now the big stuff comes. Week 6. My mileage jumps from 27.87 to 39 this week. Yikes!
I hit my 4 miles this morning fairly easily–the new shoes may have had something to do with it, but the first two miles were not that bad. The second half was not as good as the first, but it’s getting better.

The first speedwork day is tomorrow. 12×400 with 400 recovery. 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down. That’s 8 miles, people. On a Tuesday morning. It’s going to be an early one. Hopefully I won’t pass out on the track. Thursday’s joy is the first tempo run-5 miles at marathon pace. I’m really nervous about both of these. Speed is not something that I have really worked on before-I’ve always been concerned with covering the distance. I know I can cover the distance, now it’s time to step out of the comfort zone and see if I can do it a little faster.


A bit overdue!

I realized that the last post I made was on July 8th. Crazy times here in the Brown house-we are busy people.
I finished up week 4 fairly strong, except for feeling like I was running through molasses on the Friday 3 miler. I checked with some folks online, and confirmed that this was normal. I also realized that I started this plan a week early! oops. When I was planning my spreadsheet (because I’m a nerd like that) I somehow left out an entire week in August. So I just decided to do two rounds of week 5. My paces have been within the easy paces prescribed in the books, and overall I feel pretty good. Tired, but good.
I finished up round one of week 5 on Sunday. This week didn’t go quite as well as I would have liked. I missed the run on Monday, and only managed 2.5/5 mi. on Tuesday. But a rest day on Wednesday made everything better, and the rest of the week went really well.
Round two of week 5 started today–with an easy 4 miler. It was dark, and I was not feeling it (lots of drama that I won’t go into here), and it’s the first time my pace has dipped below the 11:30 mark. Going to try to get more sleep tonight and hope that the rest of the week is strong, because next week is when the real training begins. I admit that I am nervous. Less than 100 days to go…

Not dead yet!

So week three is in the books, and I’m into week 4. So far I feel pretty good. A bit tired, but that’s to be expected. My paces are slowing down, but are still a bit above where they are supposed to be for these “easy” runs. I’ve finally decided that I will allow myself one scheduled treadmill run on Sunday afternoon, as that will allow me to sleep in a bit and spend some time with my super supportive spouse! I’ve also switched my long runs to Saturday instead of Sunday, so that I can spend some of those long runs with friends. Friends are good.

Week three was the first week that I ran 6 days, but due to my laziness the week before, I only had 5 days in a row. That will work out the same for this week as well, just due to the schedule being off because of the Red, White, and Blue shoes 5k on July 4th. After that I will be on track with 6 days in a row of running.

THE RWBS 5k was fun! I took my off day on Thursday, and so ran the race with relatively “fresh” legs, although I was still tired. I started out WAY too fast, and paid for it by mile 2. I thought I had eked out a PR, but when I looked at my time from last year, I see that I was only one second faster. That was with walking twice. 😦 Not much to be said there, as I didn’t train for a faster 5k, so I got what was coming to me. Still under 30 minutes, which 3 years ago seemed like an impossible dream. It was great to go and see my wonderful running friends crush their previous times–and it was a gorgeous day on top of that.

I just spent some time looking at my past data on my Garmin, and honestly, I am surprised that I’ve done as well as I have and have been as injury-free as I have, given the amount of running that I have done. I haven’t done nearly enough running in the past to do the types of races that I have been doing. I am interested and somewhat excited to see what happens with this plan!

I have an off day tomorrow, and I’m going to enjoy it. This week and next week are the last two “easy” weeks in the plan-after that, it starts getting real. Looking at my “A” goal-it’s going to be a stretch, but there’s no reason not to go for it. I am at the “B” goal pace right now, without trying very hard, so I am going to work at this. Time will tell, all I can do is put in the work!