Life, homeschooling and running-it's all groovy.

I’m new to this blogging thing–late bloomer, as I am in many area of my life. So while this blog is about our groovy life, it will be heavily weighted towards my two main activities: running and homeschooling. Marathon training is near, and that’s where I’m starting.

I’m running the Marine Corps Marathon again this year-the last Sunday in October.  This will be my third marathon, and I’ve decided to actually follow a plan this time. Novel idea for me, as following the rules and I have never gotten along well.

I chose the Hansons marathon plan-mostly because it’s really challenging and it intrigues me. 6 days off running a week. Long runs top out at 16 miles. Scary departure from the traditional. Perfect!

Actual training begins June 19. I chose the beginner plan, mostly because the advanced scared me even more! The beginner plan has 5 weeks of “base building” running. Easy short runs-mostly to get you used to running 5 days a week to start. Things get serious in week 5.

I decided to go ahead and get started with some of the aspects of the plan to get me used to what is coming. My goal time is ambitious–maybe too much so, but it’s too early to tell yet.

The plan calls for tempo runs that are done at marathon goal pace. They also call for a one to two mile warm up and cool down run before all of the workouts. So today I decided to try a short tempo run with a one mile warm up and one mile cool down (something I don’t normally do). I had time for 4 miles, so two miles were to be done at marathon pace. *gulp*

This run was hard. There, I said it. I looked back over my Garmin data from the past few months and realized that I have been a lazy, lazy girl. While running for fun has been great, I have let my pace slip a good bit. I have done some treadmill running that has been faster, but that’s not logged anywhere, and oddly enough, I’m faster on the ‘mill than on the street. Hills.

I ran my warm up mile too fast. Common enough issue with me. I hit the next two miles just under the marathon goal pace of 10:30, but it was not a comfortable feeling. Gotta keep pushing the comfort level. The cool down mile was more in line with where it was supposed to be. I think. There are quite a few paces to keep track of with this program, which makes me a bit buggy. There’s the Recovery pace (I’m assuming for in between intervals on speedwork and strength workouts), Aerobic A/Easy, Aerobic B/easy, Moderate Aerobic/Long run, Strength, marathon… I’m not entirely sure which one of those are to be used as a warm-up/cool down pace. For this goal pace, Recovery is about 13:21, A is 12:33, B is 11:43, Long is 11:19, and Strength is 10:20. So I guess maybe my warm up and cool down were too fast as well. Hmmm…maybe that’s why the run felt so hard? lol. I can take that. Obviously, I have some work to do.


Mile 1: 10:57

Mile 2: 10:24

Mile 3: 10:28

Mile 4: 11:10

Next up is an easy run tomorrow. Going to go ahead and get used to running almost every day.



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